Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The list grows.. and stuff

If you came to visit and pressed this button last week,
We would have heard one short ding
If you came on Tuesday and pressed ever so lightly
We would have heard an insistent nonstop ring
Today you will find it has been disconnected,
so if you do not knock you may wait on our porch for quit some time undetected.

If you see this notice on a door, you have found our house. Inside you will see this notice-

"A home for everything and everything in its home. We have found ours, our stuff has not.(It doesn’t seem to be looking very hard either, you’d think it was on summer vacation)."

Okay, not really, but it should be there.

Moving is harder on me than it used to be. My husband finds it amusing though, in fact he was doubled over with laughter last night. Why you ask? Well, I turned off the light and ran straight into the wall, fully into it... with a thud. You see, the walls, they are not in the right places. It didn't hurt as much as falling down the stairs, which I did in the daylight. Just call me Grace.

Speaking of summer vacation, we were just talking about that right?, my kids have never had one before. Nope, never. We've always just schooled year round. Not this year. They are in their third week of it. Aubrey and Brennen have learned to love reading for pleasure, both read five books yesterday, but today... Aubrey says, "Mom, my doll is on her horse see."
"Very nice."
"Can I have a banana split?"
"Why not?"
"Because you don't like bananas."
Pause... "can I feed Mila mushed bananas?"
"Because, I'm bored."

Welcome to summer vacation. Hope yours is going great, and that your kids get to experience boredom, at least once.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New House

If my camera was working I would post a picture of a beat up duplex, and then one of a two story, three car garage with a large pine tree out front, a walk and rose bushes and simply say, "Yea!"

Since my camera is not working you will just have to imagine it.