Sunday, July 17, 2011

Youth and Youth Leaders

I am feeling so blessed by those in my ward and stake. Because I often feel so much of the weight in raising my wonderful children to have values, love God and want to serve others, I am so grateful to have other older children and adults who really want to help them be great people.
Kamron was interviewed for Boy Scouts by three of his leaders two weeks ago. I got to sit with him as the leaders each bore their testimonies of the gospel and what makes a great man and that while learning to camp, shoot, climb and meet any emergency situation they are really learning to be men who help and step up when it is time to serve the Lord. One of the men called his older son in and he also explained how what he was learning in scouts was helping him to make good decisions.
Kamron went to Boy Scout camp and had a great time. He failed his swim test the first time in the ice run off water. The next day he tried again and passed it. Then he got to take a rowing class, where he learned to swamp a boat and then get out of it. He was the only boy in his troop who passed his rifle shooting badge. He had to shoot 3 times into a target the size of a quarter, five times. He also learned to paint and take care of painting supplies. He also passed off his woodcarving badge. He rubbed shoulders with funny and fun kids and got along with everyone. He loved it.
This last week Kamron also went on a pioneer trek, where he helped push a handcart 18 miles over part of the Mormon Trail. He came home so uplifted. At church today his trail “Grandpa” Brother Rogers spoke. He talked about Kamron, who was the youngest in their family of 13. He said Kamron was the cutest kid with his hat too large, pioneer outfit, and pants that ended in puffs of dirt where his shoes should have been. He said the big boys were pulling the large cart up a rocky hill and he and a couple of others were pushing when suddenly he felt the cart get lighter and he looked down to see Kamron pushing with both his hands and everything he had. He said, "right then I thought here is a boy that is going to be a great missionary, a great dad, a great husband, a great young men’s leader, primary teacher and bishop. Here is a young man that without being asked is going to give everything he has to help others." Of course, as a mom, hearing this from one of the great men in our ward, as his story of how great this trek was, tears came to my eyes and it was one of those moments when everything I’ve ever put into this child was bearing glorious fruit, because I have a boy who doesn’t shirk but steps up and helps. Could there be anything greater? His sister leaned over to me and said, “I am so proud of Kamron and I want to be like that too.” Kamron told me when we got home that on the trip he had borne his testimony for the first time and said he talked about how important it is to be kind and do right, because everywhere you go people are watching you. He said after what Brother Roger's said he really knows people are watching him and it makes him want to do right.
I am so grateful for others who care about my kids and provide experiences that challenge them and help them to grow. And I am grateful for long conversations with these kids that help me to help them to see a vision of who they can be, how and why. I am also grateful that they talk to each other and encourage things that are good in the heart-to-hearts I overhear. I am living my deepest desire and I am sure blessed to be their mama.