Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wool Birds

Kamron went to an LDS homeschool youth conference last week. I didn't want to do any lessons in our regular schedule, so he wouldn't miss anything. I thought a poem and fairy tale might be fun for the younger ones as our group lesson. With this we made birds out of wool and then flew them outside. Then the children created a puppet show and told me the story.

Calvert Art Class

We are really enjoying Calvert's video based art class this year. I like that everything needed is included in the kit. We try to watch and then do a lesson about once a week. We have studied about contour lines and inner lines. We have drown blind self-portraits, line drawings and etchings with ink. This is a really good program for a mixed age group.

Wool Painting

I am trying a wool painting. Here is where I am so far-

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starting Over With History

We finished modern history last year and so we are beginning the history cycle over again this year. We are using "Story of the World" and "Children's History of the World" and will pull in "Our Island Story" later for the younger set. The older children and I are reading "The First Two Thousand Years," by Cleon Skousen. These are our spines and then the studies will be fleshed out with atlases, topic specific books, Veritas Press cards, videoes, timeline and activities. One of our first activities this year was an archeology dig to answer the question what is one way we learn about ancient civilizations and what can we learn. All the kids had fun with this, even Seth who had no idea why we were scraping a clay block on our table=).

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Computer Studies

Let the dismantling begin.

When not riding horses, little Millie finds her big brothers' many cars to suck on.

Sometimes this makes her quite sad, after all she is a girl and she is sure that there must be something a little softer to play with.

So her mom uses this pattern to sew a little doll.

The next project is a little larger.