Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Girl

Yes, we call her Baby Girl. We have called most of our babies Baby. There is something so cozy about Baby, something so precious. We also call her Baby 'Mila. And Princess. We've been asked if we will call her Milly or Amy or Mia. I don't know, whatever we call her will come. After all, my mom named me Melissa intending to call me Missy. It never happened-I was Melissa and occasionally Mel. So what shall we call her? Baby. For many years I'm pretty sure.
This is at almost two weeks, in a sweater I made her.
Here, she's in another.
This is what our Big Girl wore today, 2 weeks, 6 days in a size 3 months dress.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moments At Our House

Kamron’s method of persuading his younger brother to keep trying at long jumps that he wants him to do- “Be physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. When you are 11 you will have to obey those rules, so you should get started when you are young.”

Yesterday, the children had chores and then wanted to play card games their Grandma had taught them when they spent the night. To make the chore time go more quickly the Numa, Numa song rang out for about 20 minutes. They have sung it so many times, the two year old knows it and they are now working on variations and creating different parts for each child. It is delightful to hear them working so well together. I used to sing silly made up songs as I went about my work, but I haven’t lately. I think I’m missing something.

We have a certain child that woke up one day before anyone else, finished all must do’s for school, made breakfast and then proceeded to do her brother’s chores. She was so pleasant and helpful, I was so grateful for her help. The next day when asked to listen to a tape the same child threw a fit, talked back, rolled eyes and was generally unpleasant the rest of the day. I was discussing this with my husband, he said this is the exact reason psychology was invented. The behavior of some people needs teams of people to research and study just to attempt to explain it.

Brennen and Logan were discussing the merits of wooden and plastic train tracks. They both said something at the same time. Brennen said, “It is like we are twins. We even don’t have the same name, just like twins don’t.”

Kamron has started doing a lesson time with the three little boys. Today he worked on teaching them to hop, basic science concepts with cards, and music lessons on the recorder and penny whistle. Find the note on the piano, then singing the “Cheeseburger Song,” from Veggie Tales. This was then played with a funny instrument on the keyboard, to the giggled delight of his brothers. He is fun and makes everything into a game. Logan who idolizes his big brother told him, “Kamron I think you are the best teacher in the whole wide world!”

Seth is playing with his trucks. His big truck ran over his toe. “No, no big truck. That hurts, you need to stand in the corner.” Before he made it to the corner he says, “you say sorry and give a hug and kiss.” “I’m sorry,” the truck says in a very deep voice, and then Seth proceeds to hug it and kiss its grill. Conversation continues among the cars and trucks; each has a different voice and they typically disagree and then help each other and become “useful” again.

Did I ever mention that I love my kids?

New Book

I have been published in a new LDS Homeschooling book, with a very small piece, but it is fun anyway. I am waiting for my copy to be shipped and then I'll let you all know more.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

To My Valentines

Kamron told me the other day he "loved Valentines Day, because of the jar that said all those nice things." I'm so glad he said something or I may have just let this one slip by again. Because of the chaos of no family meal times we didn't do this last year. But we will do it this time, and probably each year after. What I do is a write things about each person in our family, put them in a jar, and then we read them at mealtimes on Valentine's Day. My sister, Helen, made similar jars for us as Christmas presents when we were kids-I still have mine. It was such an awesome gift.

So for all to see, these are to my Valentines-

You are such a hard worker and determined provider.
You are such a good wrestler.
You are so forgiving.
You are so encouraging of all we do.
You rescue us with park days.
You are fun and funny.
You are very good at fixing all of the things we break around here.
You are our support, that which holds the rest of us up.
You have such an eye for detail.
When you do something you do it well.
We love it when you are home and talking or playing with us.
You are highly prized for all you are and all you do.

You are a very good older brother.
You are funny.
You are make up great songs to sing to us.
Your piano playing is fun and a blessing to those around you.
You are good at helping to keep the house clean.
You are responsible when watching your younger brothers when Daddy and I need to do things.
You are a gift from God.
You are a delight to our hearts.
You are fabulous at building Legos.
You are a good friend, sharing and behaving well at other people’s houses.
You are positive and help us to complain less.
You have a testimony and desire to do what’s right.

You are very affectionate.
You are good at talking with others.
You care well for the little ones.
You are creative, always filling your time with worthwhile pursuits.
You are more precious than any diamond or ruby.
You are as a rose beginning to blossom into something truly exquisite.
You are a true help to Mom and Dad.
You are good at caring for animals.
You are very good at helping with the boys.
You are a good artist.
You are good at making friends.

You are good at making us laugh.
You are good at being happy.
You are friendly to others you meet.
You sparkle with creative enthusiasm, so full of possibilities.
You are a precious gift who helps us to remember family is the most important thing.
You are good at building legos.
You are good at trying new things.
You are good at helping.
You are a good playmate to your brothers and sisters.
You are very good at being gentle with babies.
You are creative and have many original ideas, especially with your art.
You are good at your reading.

You are very good at trying to do what’s right.
You are very brave.
You are a precious joy to us.
You are very good at building big legos.
You are very good figuring out pushing buttons.
You are very good little brother.
You are very good at playing.
You are a gift from Heavan.
You are independently driven to succeed at whatever you will.
You are very adventurous.
You are good at climbing and jumping.
Your thoughtful nature helps us all to slow down.

You are a a determined car and train enthusiast.
You are a delight to have in our family.
You are a loving little boy.
We love your smile.
You are good at giving hugs and kisses.
You are friendly.
You are a good helper when you throw all the garbage away.
You have the cutest sayings.
You are a focused little one.

You are so nice to hold.
You are soft and snuggly.
You are wonderful.
You are a miracle and a joy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Chances

"There is a 1 in 1600 chance of a perforation." That one cost me surgery.

In 1% of cases the dura may be pricked during an epidural insertion, and since the needle is larger than in a spinal tap it is possible that the cerebrospinal fluid may leak out resulting in less cushioning to the brain resulting in a severe headache and neck ache that will last for days and may require a second epidural insertion to create a blood patch to clot the hole, but this is very rare. It may be rare, but it hurts... a lot.

Maybe I am getting old enough to read the fine print and start taking it seriously.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Introducing Baby Amelia

Baby Amelia Juliet has finally arrived!

She was 21.5 inches, and 9 pounds 11.4 ounces!

On the last day of January, at a week post dates, I went in to be induced. I was at 2cm when we started the pitocin at 10:00 a.m., by 4 p.m. I was at 3cm. It was at this point the questions of whether this whole thing was not going to work again came up. But I had already gotten things lined up for the next week, so we kept going. At 7 p.m. I was finally at a 4 and my water was broken. By 7:30 I wimped out and asked for an epidural, by 7:50 I made them get the anesthesiologist back in and up the dose. I began shaking and feeling nauseous, I was given an oxygen mask, which I admit to having torn off more than once, but the nurse didn't get it and kept putting it back on. By 9 I was at a 9. This is when my husband said, if I waited three hours we could have a February 1st baby and that would make the date easier to remember. I said that I wanted the baby out now. I began pushing at 9:30. The nurses' shifts changed at 11:30, and I accused them of turning off the epidural. They promised me they hadn't. The doctor was called in at 11:58, and said we didn't have time to break the bed down, go. She emerged. The time was 12:00.01 a February 1st baby. As my husband points out this is very cool because her entire birth date can be expressed with three numbers. 2-1-2010, at 12:00.01.

Kevin brought all of the kids in to see us the next day. Seth's reaction was a hysterical giggle of delight at seeing his mama after a day and a half, when I drew his attention to the baby he said, "it's baby 'Milla," in a nondescript tone and then turned around to drive his train across the edge of the bed.

Logan wanted to see her, but his first question was if my stomach was smaller now and he could sit on my lap. He wanted to hold her, and did so for about three seconds before handing her back. He then began to describe everything about her that was small, small eyes, small ears, small hands, and small "this part," he said forgetting the name for wrist. He was also amazed that even when I was holding her and talking to others I still knew he was getting into things behind the curtain. "How can you know what I'm doing always?" He asked.

Brennen looked on quietly (yes, Brennen/quietly-same sentence) and held her for for about a minute gazing at her. He made the comment later, "She is not inside you anymore."

Aubrey asked all kinds of questions, did it hurt, did I cry etc. She held her baby sister in between each of the boys, and when it was time to do the hearing test she went with her and was very happy to report that she past. She told me that someday when she had a baby, she wanted a healthy baby girl, just like her.

Kamron smiled and looked. He held her about a minute and then gave her back. He wanted to know if I was all right now. He also said he missed me so much, he said it was very weird, because he sees me always and he hadn't seen me in so long.