Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moments At Our House

Kamron’s method of persuading his younger brother to keep trying at long jumps that he wants him to do- “Be physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. When you are 11 you will have to obey those rules, so you should get started when you are young.”

Yesterday, the children had chores and then wanted to play card games their Grandma had taught them when they spent the night. To make the chore time go more quickly the Numa, Numa song rang out for about 20 minutes. They have sung it so many times, the two year old knows it and they are now working on variations and creating different parts for each child. It is delightful to hear them working so well together. I used to sing silly made up songs as I went about my work, but I haven’t lately. I think I’m missing something.

We have a certain child that woke up one day before anyone else, finished all must do’s for school, made breakfast and then proceeded to do her brother’s chores. She was so pleasant and helpful, I was so grateful for her help. The next day when asked to listen to a tape the same child threw a fit, talked back, rolled eyes and was generally unpleasant the rest of the day. I was discussing this with my husband, he said this is the exact reason psychology was invented. The behavior of some people needs teams of people to research and study just to attempt to explain it.

Brennen and Logan were discussing the merits of wooden and plastic train tracks. They both said something at the same time. Brennen said, “It is like we are twins. We even don’t have the same name, just like twins don’t.”

Kamron has started doing a lesson time with the three little boys. Today he worked on teaching them to hop, basic science concepts with cards, and music lessons on the recorder and penny whistle. Find the note on the piano, then singing the “Cheeseburger Song,” from Veggie Tales. This was then played with a funny instrument on the keyboard, to the giggled delight of his brothers. He is fun and makes everything into a game. Logan who idolizes his big brother told him, “Kamron I think you are the best teacher in the whole wide world!”

Seth is playing with his trucks. His big truck ran over his toe. “No, no big truck. That hurts, you need to stand in the corner.” Before he made it to the corner he says, “you say sorry and give a hug and kiss.” “I’m sorry,” the truck says in a very deep voice, and then Seth proceeds to hug it and kiss its grill. Conversation continues among the cars and trucks; each has a different voice and they typically disagree and then help each other and become “useful” again.

Did I ever mention that I love my kids?

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