Saturday, February 13, 2010

To My Valentines

Kamron told me the other day he "loved Valentines Day, because of the jar that said all those nice things." I'm so glad he said something or I may have just let this one slip by again. Because of the chaos of no family meal times we didn't do this last year. But we will do it this time, and probably each year after. What I do is a write things about each person in our family, put them in a jar, and then we read them at mealtimes on Valentine's Day. My sister, Helen, made similar jars for us as Christmas presents when we were kids-I still have mine. It was such an awesome gift.

So for all to see, these are to my Valentines-

You are such a hard worker and determined provider.
You are such a good wrestler.
You are so forgiving.
You are so encouraging of all we do.
You rescue us with park days.
You are fun and funny.
You are very good at fixing all of the things we break around here.
You are our support, that which holds the rest of us up.
You have such an eye for detail.
When you do something you do it well.
We love it when you are home and talking or playing with us.
You are highly prized for all you are and all you do.

You are a very good older brother.
You are funny.
You are make up great songs to sing to us.
Your piano playing is fun and a blessing to those around you.
You are good at helping to keep the house clean.
You are responsible when watching your younger brothers when Daddy and I need to do things.
You are a gift from God.
You are a delight to our hearts.
You are fabulous at building Legos.
You are a good friend, sharing and behaving well at other people’s houses.
You are positive and help us to complain less.
You have a testimony and desire to do what’s right.

You are very affectionate.
You are good at talking with others.
You care well for the little ones.
You are creative, always filling your time with worthwhile pursuits.
You are more precious than any diamond or ruby.
You are as a rose beginning to blossom into something truly exquisite.
You are a true help to Mom and Dad.
You are good at caring for animals.
You are very good at helping with the boys.
You are a good artist.
You are good at making friends.

You are good at making us laugh.
You are good at being happy.
You are friendly to others you meet.
You sparkle with creative enthusiasm, so full of possibilities.
You are a precious gift who helps us to remember family is the most important thing.
You are good at building legos.
You are good at trying new things.
You are good at helping.
You are a good playmate to your brothers and sisters.
You are very good at being gentle with babies.
You are creative and have many original ideas, especially with your art.
You are good at your reading.

You are very good at trying to do what’s right.
You are very brave.
You are a precious joy to us.
You are very good at building big legos.
You are very good figuring out pushing buttons.
You are very good little brother.
You are very good at playing.
You are a gift from Heavan.
You are independently driven to succeed at whatever you will.
You are very adventurous.
You are good at climbing and jumping.
Your thoughtful nature helps us all to slow down.

You are a a determined car and train enthusiast.
You are a delight to have in our family.
You are a loving little boy.
We love your smile.
You are good at giving hugs and kisses.
You are friendly.
You are a good helper when you throw all the garbage away.
You have the cutest sayings.
You are a focused little one.

You are so nice to hold.
You are soft and snuggly.
You are wonderful.
You are a miracle and a joy.

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AHebdon said...

What I good idea!!!! I still have my jar too!!!