Monday, February 27, 2006

My Views on Education

From my previous post it may appaer that I believe Homeschooling is the only right option. I do not. I believe that parent controlled education is the only right option and that government controlled education is wrong.

I will tackle the latter part of that statement first. There is something very wrong with a country that claims to be free insisting on controlling what the future voters are taught for 12 years prior to voting. This opens up scores of special interest groups trying to get their foot in the educational door so that such and such must be taught in the hopes of swaying the future votes.

By its nature a government mandated scope and sequence is generic meant for the generic child and children are not generic, they are above all else individuals. They are as Miss Mason says persons.

So what do I mean by parent controlled education? An education where parents decide what is best for their children to learn and decide how it is best taught to the children. Homeschools, co-op schools, Mom schools, cottage schools, tutors, apprenticeships, some private and charter schools all can fit this definition.

Education is the parents responsibility. It is up to the parent to decide if such and such should be covered and how. Education is persuasive, and very influential in molding the character of the student, in molding the habits and the trains of thought that that child has.

I do not understand why active LDS, or any Christian, parents would so easily send their children to places where God's influence on mankind can not be discussed by law. Is this not evil? Taking God out of the lives, conversation and thoughts of our children is wrong. Every thing in this world relates to the Gospel and nothing should be taught in isolation from it, but when parents give up all say it is. If you are LDS educate your children as such.

John Taylor "Shall we employ teachers that will turn the infant minds of our children away from the principles of the gospel and perhaps lead them to darkness and death? ...I would like to know if a Methodist would send his children to a Roman Catholic School, or vice versa? I think not. Do either send their children to "Mormon" schools, or employ "Mormon" teachers? I think not. Do we object to it? No, we do not; we accord to all classes their rights, and we claim rights equal with them. Well, shall we, after going to the ends of the earth to gather people to Zion, in order that they may learn more perfectly of His ways and walk in His paths, shall we then allow our children to be at the mercy of those who would lead them down to death again? God forbid! Let our teachers be men of God, men of honor and integrity, and let us afford our children such learning as will place our community in the front ranks in educational as well as religious matters. But would we interfere with other religious denominations? No. Prevent them from sending their children where and to whom they please? No. Or from shipping where they please? No. I would not put a hair in their way, nor interfere with them in any possible way; they can take their course, and we want the same privilege. (Journal of Discourses 19:249-250)"

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