Friday, December 08, 2006

Quick Update

I have been so busy with my classes and Christmas coming. I have had a lot of fun crocheting lately though. I made all of the kids scarves, and I am almost done with a sweater for the new baby. It's blue! Yep, to all of our suprise we are having a boy. I gave most of the boy baby clothes away after Logan and am very excited about making most of the stuff that I need for this baby. The sweater is one of the first shaped things I have crocheted. I am also making a pair of socks, which came out way bigger then I intended and so I finished the first one to fit Brennen. I will post pictures of everything soon.

We just finished the thirteenth week of school for the year, and I am looking forward to two weeks off to get a few things done. I want to sew a flannel blanket, and crochet an edging on the fleece one, sew and embroider a baby outfit and a quilted jacket and hood and at least start on a little baby outfit in crochet. I may not get all of that done, because after all that is also the week of Christmas and there will be a whole lot of baking and cooking to do, but I don't have school and neither do the kids except for Aubrey's art class. Kamron's last violin class was today and to be honest I am glad to be done with it. He was starting to drag his feet and just asking for a book that he can learn from, from home, so I don't need to feel guilty about being so glad about getting three hours of my Friday afternoons back. We aren't going to take any classes next semester, but will probably do swimming and horseback riding in late spring and summer, just six weeks each. Kamron will of course continue cu scouts once a week, which I don't mind, because he really likes it and they do a lot of messy projects that I never seem to get to. Well, it is time for me to go to sleep. I am going to try to take the kids to see Santa tomorrow, Aubrey needs felt for gifts she's making, I need to wrap presents, finish most of an essay for class, vacuum, do some laundry, take a load to D.I., and ...


O-mama said...

We still have all of our clothes (of course ALL boy) in storage with the rest of my life and sanity. And a crib. And a swing. And a bouncy seat.

Let me know what you need; happy to loan. Not PLANNING on having anymore till we're in a place of our own. *wry grin*

Pulling O out of PS. Really would like to see our little co-op become more...but that's my own need. Don't know if anybody else has a similar need. Will chat later (late Jan if not sooner). Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Melissa said...

Thanks so much, but I finally went through the baby clothesand I had abouteight outfits that will work, I also just picked up three on clearance at Wal-mart and I am going to make a few, so we should be okay.