Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our Week

We have been able to stay home most of this week, which has been nice. New Year's Eve my mother-in-law had the three older kids over to spend the night with their cousins. Kevin and I got to play some new board games that we got for Christmas. When Nanny brought the kids back, Brennen was lethargic and had a fever. I kept track of it, but it never got over 101 so I decided to ride it out and not give him any medicine as it may be fighting something, in two days it was gone and he was back to himself. That morning Logan woke up with a fever, his got up to 102.6, so I did bring it down with medicine once. Other than that he wouldn't let me put him down and I held him for almost four days. By Saturday my floors were looking terrible, the kitchen was a mess and the fact that I hadn't found a place for all of the new Christmas toys the kids got was beginning to drive me crazy, but Logan still didn't want me to put him down, and I don't have a baby bacpack, as it got lost in the move. Kevin had appointments all day and by five, I felt like giving up. I had made a ham, but couldn't get ten minutes to make anything to go with it, so I said forget it and we just had cereal for dinner. Kevin finanlly got home and asked if I needed some help. I ever so kindly gave him a list, please fix the vacuum so I can clean the floors, stack the heavy boxes up in the garage, change the light bulbs in the kitchen, and so I don't have to cook in the dark. He immediately stacked the boxes, fixed the vacuum and proceeded to move all of the furniture and vacuum everything, I love his eye for detail! I put Logan in the bath with Kamron-the one place he was okay without me for a few minutes, then I got the ladder and changed the bulbs and scrubbed the kitchen, picked everything up in our room and my closet, the older three kids picked up everything in the rest of the house and cleaned the hard floor, tables and chairs. Aubrey curled up on the couch and fell asleep, while Kevin took the boys to fly airplanes on the bed and left me to get a little more work done. By the time the kids were in bed at 8:30, my house was clean and I felt so much better.

I woke this morning to a clean house and kids playing quietly in their rooms at 8:30. Our church time has switched to 1:00, which means sleeping in and relaxing mornings. I have worked on the scout budget and done the Relief Society Newsletter this morning. Kevin is in building a model of a brick house and windmill with Kamron. Aubrey has sat by me and sewn a teddy bear by hand until she was just finished and is now playing with Brennen and the stuffed elephant she made him for Christmas. I love Sundays. Kevin's family and the missionaries are coming over for dinner after church. I think we will have ham.

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O-mama said...

I have a KeltyKids backpack that we haven't been utilizing if you would like to borrow it.