Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proposition 8 and Freedom

Kevin and I went to a fireside on Sunday evening. Congressman Herger spoke to us on the relationship of the constitution and religious principles. I few comments he made stuck out to me. One was that indifference brings sadness and righteous action brings happiness. He asked us to stop and think about the first part of that statement. If we do nothing, if we are indifferent, we are allowing those who are willing to do wickedly to have their way simply because we are not standing up for our homes, religion and liberty. Congressmen Herger quoted someone and I did not get the reference, but he said that God reveals his secrets to the prophets, so that even those who are beyond the ability to receive their own revelation may know the will of God on certain subjects. And part of this revelation is the Proclamation on the Family. In this proclamation it states “we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.” We are currently facing this head on in California with Proposition 8.

We need to stand for faith, families and freedoms, because this is what builds healthy communities and a strong people. Not only are our families under attack, but if proposition 8 fails our religious freedom will also be under attack. And when our families and religions fail, so will our freedoms. The founding fathers have said that the constitution will not work for an irreligious people. The government will become corrupt and the freedoms of the people will be lost if they are an immoral people, who are not following the precepts found in the Bible.

Separation between church and state has been altered from its original meaning to such a degree that it has now become intolerance to religion. The founding fathers quoted the Bible more than any other book in their political documents. The capitol held church services in it until the civil war, there is a prayer room, and Christian paintings and quotes in numerous places in the capitol. Clearly, separation between church and state was not supposed to mean that we can’t discuss God publicly. It simply meant that no specific religion would have preference over any other religion. In other words there would be no State religion.

It wasn’t until 1962 that the meaning began to be so skewed, because of the special interest groups that began to get their foot into out schools-notice it is always the schools to fall first in legal cases, because it is the easiest place for special interest groups to attempt to control. In 1962 it was ruled that state sponsored prayer was no longer allowed in school. In 1963 it was ruled that state sponsored Bible reading was no longer allowed in school. In 1984 it was ruled that there could be no more displays of the 10 commandments in school. In 1992 it was ruled that there could no longer be prayers at graduation. In 2002 it was ruled that to say under God in the pledge of allegiance was not constitutional, though it was later reverse on a technicality (the father did not actually have custody of the child he was representing in court). This skewing of the separation between church and state has gotten to the point that not only religious, but moral views are coming under attack in school. In fact they are now ridiculed more often than supported, as such was the case of a girl in our ward who refused to watch an R-rated movie in history class, and the teacher told her she was immature and couldn't handle it in front of the class.

This skewed viewpoint in our schools that forbids the acknowledgement of God out of necessity means that history must be rewritten to leave God out, which opens the doors for special interest groups to skew historical facts to lead the children to believe something that did not happen did and things that did happen, happened for reasons other than the real ones. Science must also be skewed to the point that it has now become almost antagonistic to religion, when in reality it supports the presence of God. This new viewpoint means that things are no longer equal, but secularism is the government religion and is indoctrinated into the children by the government and the special interest groups that in many ways control the legislation.

When the four unelected judges overturned the will of the people same sex marriages became legal in California. If proposition 8 does not pass it is likely that any marriages preformed here will have to be recognized by every other state. We must help proposition 8 pass and we must preserve an institution, that of families, that is fundamental to society. If we do not this radical change to this institution will have dramatic consequence.

We know that children are best raised in a home with a mother and a father and that two mothers can not replace a father, and two fathers can not replace a mother. But if this happens adoption agencies will no longer be able to only place children in homes with a mother and a father. If they are not willing to place children with same sex couples they will have to close down.

This also attacks our freedom of religion as those who are in the clergy and will not marry same sex couples will have legal ramifications and risk consequences including tax consequences. In Canada and Sweden where same sex marriages are allowed churches are not allowed to speak out against gay and lesbianism, which violates freedom of speech and religion.

There are Nine European nations that have allowed same-sex marriages since the 1990’s. In these nations only 2% of same sex couples elect to get married. But what has happened in these countries is out of wedlock births have increased by 46%. These have led to 80% of first births in these countries to be out of wedlock, because marriage has come to mean very little. If this is not the break down of the family unit, what is?

Those of us in California have been asked to contribute generously of our time and resources to the support of an amendment that will uphold the traditional marriage and all that rests upon it.

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