Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poetry Park Day

Our Homeschool group had a poetry park day this last Friday. The kids each either read or memorized a poem. None of mine actually learned a new poem for this, I think it would have made it more meaningful if they had. They each recited one from memory though. I am amazed how easy it is for them to memorize them. Kamron has over 30 memorized now and Logan has 3 the others are somewhere in between. I set up a card catalog to keep track of them, as I have them continuosly review their old ones so that they are not forgotten.
I print out each poem and glue it to a 3 x 5 card. Often several of the children will memorize the same poems, but I find it better if to print it several times, so that each child has every poem they know in their file. The poem they are currently working on stay in the front and they go over it each day and then they pull out the two cards behind, someone else holds those cards and they recite those poems and then the cards go in the back. It has really helped us keep track of the poems so much better.

I need to add more cards though, because I find that some of the kids memorize the other children's poems just by hearing them repeated.

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AHebdon said...

Hadley saw that picture of Kamron and asked if it was him. They do kind of look like in that picture :).