Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Wet Felting

The kids and I tried our hands at wet felting last week. It took us longer than the directions said (about 2.5 hours total), so we had to break it into two days.
We took wool roving, and soapy water, then built up a ball.
We took turns squishy the ball in warm soapy water. Here is Seth having his turn. Playing in bubbles, what more can a two-year-old ask for?
After covering the ball with plastic we added the next layer and squished in soapy water again. This was repeated for the remaining four layers.
After this was all nicely worked and squished, we cut into each layer forming the flower. We then rinsed it and set it out to dry.
Here is the final flower stacked.


Tan Family said...

Beautiful felting! I found your blog through the Earthschooling yahoogroup. I'm going to start following you! We are in CA, too. :) --Jennifer

Postak Family said...

Melissa! I'm so glad to have found your blog. It's awesome. I was just looking for some good homeschooling blogs and I found a link to yours. Love, Elizabeth (miss you!)