Thursday, March 11, 2010

Relating to Authors

Kamron has been reading "The Aaronic Priesthood: Seven Principles That Will Make This Power a Part of Your Daily Life" by Chad Daybell. It is his first pick of what to read each day. I have been getting comments, such as, "You know Chad's list about how we know we are feeling the spirit, I have done all of those." "Chad said I should go camping at the bottom of a mountain, that would be fun." "You know those guys that almost hurt Chad by jumping over him on their bikes, it is probably good he found out how bad they were and didn't become friends with them."

When referring to authors some people use their whole name, others use last names, around here we are on a first name basis=)

Unrelated side note-my baby is gently snoring with her head on my shoulder and her little arm dangling down right now. Why do little things like that make a Mamma's heart swell?

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Fru Klingvall said...


I really enjoy reading your blog, you are a great inspiration! I am a 32-year old mother of three wonderful kids and we live in Sweden. I also work as a teacher, but I teach music.

I wish I could work at home, like you do, with your kids. Here in Sweden we are not allowed to do that, all children must go to school.

You seem like a wonderful mother and teacher. Have a nice weekend!
/Jessica K