Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Life for an Old Desk

I inherited my Mom's antique sewing desk. It is built to hold the machine in the whole so the material can be level with the desk when one works. I liked this desk mostly because it was hers. My husband was frustrated with moving it yet again knowing that I rarely sew.

As you can tell it needed work. So I decided to attempt my first furniture redo.

I emptied it and found this cute pattern stuck behind a drawer.

It was my mom's. I love that there is a story to tell there. I also found a scrap of paper in the desk with her signature on it that I will be putting back into it.

Isn't it pretty now.
I sanded, primed and painted twice. I intended to get new handles for it, because after I polished the originals they came out such a shiny brass which I really did not like. Apparently the size of these handles is very rare, none of the local stores carried them and the ones I could find online were ridiculously priced, so I got satin nickel spray paint and went to work. I like them quite well.

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Ambi said...

I love it!! I looks so nice!!!!