Thursday, June 02, 2011

Memorial Trip to the Beach

We have decided to start summer with a bang around here. My sister and her husband and their 5 little ones stayed with us for a week. We went to the beach on the most perfect day.

The water was cold, but the sand and air were warm. Jenna and Seth played and ran in the waves and then made sand angels, then would act surprised to see themselves covered with sand and they would then jump in the water only to repeat it all over again as a great game.

Here I am being mother hen and calling my little ones, plus a half dozen and more cousins to stay together where I could watch them better.

Milly was very scared of both the sand and the water. She sat on my lap, Nanny's lap or Aunt Helen's lap or held in arms the entire seven hours. Helen got her to touch the sand with a big toe a few times, but she wanted nothing to do with standing on it.

Helen and I.

There was a lot of buried treasures in the sand.

Brennen and Andrew caught sand crabs.

All of the children played in the sand for hours. I didn't get many pictures of them in the waves, but the older ones were up to their chest for a couple hours also. This was the perfect beach day--so fun.

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