Saturday, February 25, 2012

Proud Mama

I am so blessed to be the Mom of these wonderful kids. My oldest two have sure made me proud this week. On Friday, Aubrey, 11, went to visit a friend whose mom had hurt her foot really bad and had not been able to walk (or clean) the last four days. This mama went to go lay down and Aubrey asked her friend, who was going through songs on the internet, if she could wash the dishes. She then proceeded to dry and put everything away and then scrub the counters. Then with her friend she picked up all of the toys and swept the downstairs of the house. Aubrey then suggested they make her friend's family a big batch of cookies, which they did. When I got there to pick Aubrey up, the mom, my dear friend, said, "look at what your daughter did! I am so grateful, I just might have to hire her=)." She said, "you are certainly training her well, because she did the dishes really, really well." I am so proud of her for stepping up and helping. What I love also is that she willingly helps in our home too. When she got home, she said, "Mom, let's clean up." So we both dove in and recruited a few helpers and talked about how nice it is to have a clean house. Aubrey said my friend looked a little stressed and knew that the house being messy might be part of it, so she thought if she cleaned it than my friend wouldn't have that "heavy feeling" of knowing she still had chores to do.

My son, Kamron, 13, went camping with about twenty other boys and leaders last night. They camped next to a lake, that is wintering hundreds and hundreds of geese, which have also brought in coyotes. This made for a very, very noisy environment to try to sleep. When I picked Kamron up his leader said no one could sleep all night. No one, except Kamron. Every time the rest of them looked over there was Kamron, sleeping like a log through honking and howling all night long. That is one of the blessings of sharing a room with three brothers and living next to a busy railroad track. (The boys turned one bedroom into a playroom and are all sleeping in the other). I went to a meeting in the evening and one of the leaders said he really appreciated having Kamron in the troop, that he made all of their camping trips better because he was so good with the younger boys. He was always patient and tried to help everyone to get along and he just accepted everyone. He then reiterated we are really glad to have him come on these trips, he is such a help. What a proud mama I am! I am blessed with some fabulous kids. I wish I could bottle them up though, please stop growing and let me just keep you! But if you most grow up, you better not move far away.

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