Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kids Cooking and Baking

I have an open kitchen policy at my house. This means that if anyone wants to bake or cook or experiment they are free to. This mostly looks like stirring whenever there is a chance to for the six and under set. So much so that I got rid of the hand mixer years ago as I never had the chance to use it-my kids always want to do the stirring. At successive ages the interest in the kitchen and what can be done in there increases, so this summer I taught lessons. Logan, 7, learned to pour cereal and milk for the family, make sandwiches and instant oatmeal on his own. Brennen, 9, learned to cook whatever was made throughout the summer from packages-mac 'n cheese, a gratin potatoes, jello, brownies, muffins etc., Aubrey, 12, learned to make from scratch three breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and two breads. She also learned to use the bread maker. Because she is proficient in many basics, I taught her how to cook some meats and casseroles, to make a fruit salad, and about spices and amounts of spices. She also experimented with her own ideas a great deal. She has also made and decorated all of the birthday cakes this year, except her own. For Kamron, 14, I started with all of the packaged products like Brennen and then taught him to make three breakfasts, lunches and dinners from scratch. The result is that I now have children who can cook and make the meals two days a week, while I am gone at work or otherwise busy. So far we have not had a meal on time these days, but they are working on figuring out how to make all the food come out at the correct time.
Milly's the first birthday in the year-"my birthday is pink!"
Aubrey's tribute to Mom's love of chocolate.
Logan turns 7.
Seth, the car lover, turns 5.
Brennen's 9th.
Kamron's cake is a lego brick.

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