Friday, May 04, 2007

Play Touched by Living Ideas

I find delight in seeing the ideas that have been introduced in our studies find there way into my children's play. There are bears that currently in habit the book houses on my couch. The one under the largest book is Oso Blanco and he only speeks Spanish, but is attempting to communicate with the other bears. The teacher part of me recognizes this as a form of narration, but afterall isn't life a narration of all that has been fed to the mind whether good or bad, and I am pleased. My daughter has left Jumpstart Spanish because of growing protests and though her mom won't let her move on to the more grown up Rosetta Stone she is now studying books and seems to enjoy it more.

The other day they were playing that Kamron was the donkey, Bottom, and Aubrey was a woman who stood so still that as he looked at her he thought she was a statue, but after awhile she stepped down and suprised him because he had been living the whole time. I sat thinking about how I han't been introduced to Shakespeare until high school and her my six and eight-year-old were reinacting characters, although from two different plays.

Awhile ago they had friends over and the seven children went in the backyard and set up the tent, built a pretend fire and well with a bucket that one could raise and lower. They spent several hours being pioneers and Indians, hunting and harvesting, exploring and battling. It is these moments that I want to shout, it is working, my children are getting an education.

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