Saturday, October 20, 2007

Apple Hill

We had an opportunity to go to Apple Hill at the end of September. We went through a museum and the kids had fun seeing some of the old things that they had read about in stories. We saw a one room cabin and how it was set up. The thing that impressed them the most was a real bearskin rug.
After that we went to a little restaurant and Kamron had his first carmel apple, which he declared the best food in the world. We then went to another farm that had a place to eat in the apple orchard. The kids got to feed fish in the pond there and they got to see a whole pig being roasted. Brennen looked at that for awhile and said, "I guess I don't like meat anymore." (That has not lasted though, he is back to declaring that he is a meat eater and devouring as much as is offered).

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Sally said...

Melissa, I just stumbled across your blog & briefly have read some of your entries! You amaze me already. I am gonna be watching you & learning from you for sure it seems!

Thanks for the good educational reads!