Saturday, October 20, 2007


Baby Seth is six months old now. He went through a fussy stage, but has emerged from it into the smiliest baby ever. Every time anyone looks at him he smiles. He is really one of the sweetest little things. It is really amazing how blessed our whole family is to have a baby again. It is hard to explain, but he gives us all so much joy to cue over and hold every day. Everyone of my other children kiss, hug and talk about how wonderful he is on a daily basis. What a blessing!

At the end of the day I always tell my husband all of the cute things the children did while he was gone. The older kids have caught onto this and now they can't let a cute incident go by without telling their dad and I. Aubrey does this the most and will even point out things that her other two little brothers do. I am just loving being a mom right now.

Seth was my earliest crawler and learned when he was barely five months old. He started at about four and a half months reaching for things and then wiggling to get them and then figured out how to get up on his hands and knees after that it was only a couple of days before he figured out the crawling motions. He is now six and a half months and can follow me around the house. He is much better at it though when his little toes are free. He got his first two teeth at five months also and he does bite. Sometimes I'll be sitting on the floor and he will just crawl up and bite, and it hurts!

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