Monday, June 09, 2008

Women's Conference

My oldest sister spoke at Women's Conference last month and all of my sisters and sil's on my side of the family, my aunt and my cousin all got to go. It was a lot of fun. A bunch of us from Ca drove out together and had a really good time talking the entire 12 hours, both ways. That was the first vacation without my husband or kids that I have ever taken.
Starr did a really good job. She spoke on embracing our roles as young mothers. She spoke of her struggles with her kids and how the scriptures have helped her to know what to do. She always amazes me at the depth of insight into the scriptures that she has. She then shared a memory of our Mom doing her hair and how we were able to do a last service for her when she died and we dressed her and did her hair. I cried and told her she should have warned me. But it is true, the service we give as mothers is a service they will give back to us as daughters.
She talked about how there is a time for some things and their is a time to let things go. She shared how she had developed her talents and had made money on them, but was now feeling prompted to concentrate on her children not making money. We will have time to do all of the things we desire or else the desires will leave us as we do the work that God has specifically appointed us.
We got to hear Sheri Dew, Sister Beck, the Prophet and almost John Bytheway. We didn't get into his, because it was packed and so instead we did service in the service hall which we found to be hilarious. Anything can be hilarious when you get that many women together.

We all went out to dinner together and had the tables next to us rolling when my cousin pulled out a neon blue doughnut and my sister proceeded to blow it up right there at dinner. Hey, sitting on bleachers all day ain't the best for a sore and pregnant tushy=).

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