Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Short Update and Reply to Question

A quick update as it is late. Life is busy, we are selling our house and moving to Yuba City. My husband just got a really good job in Colusa and we have been abundantly blessed.

I wanted to answer a question I received about which charter school offers the most money=). It is South Sutter, they currently offer $1800 a year per child in the lower grades. I am not sure how much they offer for high schoolers. Incidentally, we are switching to them this year, not actually for the money, but it is all part of that long story with many changes that I haven't told you about. South Sutter does not have a resource room or on campus classes. They do, however, pay for parks and rec classes in Yuba City and since Horizon does not have a campus in Yuba City It makes the most sense for us. Plus there is a possibility that we may move to Colusa and Horizon does cover that county, while South Sutter does.

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