Friday, February 20, 2009

Kevin's Work and My School

I realized I have not updated everyone in awhile on here. We have been blessed with a new job for Kevin two days before his old one was supposed to end. He is now a technical editor for a company that analyzes enerygy usage for large companies and government agencies. It pays pretty well and is a full time permanent position with benefits including retirement that have already started. The best part is that it doesn't look like this company is going to go under or lay off anytime soon (like the last three). They just got a really, really large three year contract. Big sigh of relief. We are so blessed to find this position in this rough economy.

He has also been working on the side for his dad. This is great, but I sure miss having him home by six. It makes it hard for me to do homework, but I'll make it. I am in the last week of my last class, except for student teaching which I am supposed to start in three weeks, but have yet to find a placement for.

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