Friday, February 20, 2009

New Year's Eve

I was downloading pictures and realized I never blogged about New Year's Eve. It was so fun I just have to tell about it. Our friends from Logan, Utah came and stayed with us for two nights. We all love this family. The adults talked and talked, while the kids played. New Years Eve the adults were talking and watching a movie and we realized we hadn't heard from the kids in awhile. They were all in our room/garage. We went to check on them and they had a full fledged New Years Party Eve going on. They had rolled out a carpet for everyone to walk on and they had gotten a Cd player and then the CD Jars of Clay, which is an alternative Christian group to play rather loudly. They then got a light bright without the pegs which they set on a chair that they spun so that the little circles would flash around the ceiling and walls of the room, which made a cool disco effect. They had written 2008 on a big piece of paper and then ripped it all up and welcomed in 2009 and then danced. I tell you, I am letting this crew plan my next party.

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