Friday, May 22, 2009


One phase is ending. I finished student teaching today: we move into a short term rental tomorrow. Another phase is beginning. I will begin training as an Educational Specialist to help others home school. I will be finding us a long term home, and most important of all I will be home with my children. I have missed them so much over the past nine weeks. I have my work cut out for me, though. They need some retraining, a lot more time away from the TV and involved with the family. A lot of their babysitters have used the TV as a helper and I am so glad that with this move we won't even have one in the house. I can't believe the phrases and attitudes they have picked up over the last nine weeks. After moving my first step will be to add back gentle rythms to our days. A half hour devotion time with the older children in the morning, a little bit of family study and cleaning, some quiet time after lunch, games after dinner and scriptures before bed. I'm hoping that this gentle schedule will heal some issues with the children and in our family. I pray for God's blessing on our summer phase.


AHebdon said...

Good luck with everything. i am sure everything will work out fine and that you blessed for getting your education so that you can be there for your children.
I know what you mean about TV we can only watch movies and have thought that maybe one day we would get TV but after having my children come home from friends where I have not seen what they are watching and the things they say we have decided against it.

Starr said...

Good luck with everything. When we moved into this house we put the TV in the basement and it was a true answer to prayer. The hardly watch it and when the do we are normally together or I know what movie it is (when I do need a break, because sometimes I will admit I use it as a babysitter). We are getting ready for summer too, with schedules of chores, reading, homework, etc. I actually like this time of year and getting everyone on a system. Good luck. I am sure things will work out. I am sure you kids love having you home...and being in a home!