Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nanny Throws a Birthday Party

Tomorrow is Aubrey's birthday and Savannah's was a couple of days ago, so their grandma wanted to have a party for them at Girlfriendz. I thought this was more of a princess and tea party place, but it ended up being geared towards popular music, etc. They got to pick out outfits and then have their hair, makeup and nails done.

Here's Jenna getting her hair done.
Aubrey's hair is so thick it took the lady forever. She eventually just braided and wrapped the rest.
Aubrey preforms a solo, but since we don't listen to any of the music they had there she didn't know any of it, but she still had fun.
All of the girls pose.
Aubrey and her friend Heidi.
My dramatic daughter.

After they changed again, they got cute cupcakes and blew out candles.

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