Monday, June 08, 2009


As a daughter of God I have a desire to create. Even with little ones hugging and kissing and climbing all over me. As a daughter of my mother I saw how it was done. My mom was always making something. She had a sewing room that she worked in, a place perfectly organized to make her many projects and that also had spots for her children to come in and talk to her as she worked. I can also remember her sitting on our fuzzy brown couch with patterns of brown twigs and other things all over it with her feet pulled up to one side or resting on our very ugly brown foot stool. She had a light next to her and a bag of supplies and as we watched movies she would be making something out of plastic canvas, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet or knit.

I have enjoyed taking advantage of the little moments. I am blessed with a little boy who needs someone to listen to him read and to generally be near as he works which is a perfect time for handwork. I have also been queasy this last week and been doing a lot of sitting, so it has been the perfect opportunity to crochet. I have finished a little jacket, and am nearly done with a dress. I’ll post a picture of the latter when I have it done.


AHebdon said...

It's beautiful!! Are you pregnant? Is that why you are queasy?

Starr said...

Queasy? So we had a talk in RS on sunday the President Ukdorf (however you spell his name) gave to women on the desire and power to create. It made me think of mom, and then my own desire to make things. I love being in my sewing room working on something! The thought hit me though about in the process of creating what we teach our children. What atmosphere are we "creating", that is what matters most. Of all the things mom made the best part was always being there in her sewing room...just being buy her. I wonder now when my kids are in my sewing room, making a mess what they are learning, what they are feeling, is it where they want to be?
You are a great mom. Keep up the good work!

amy said...

well, I'm in with your sisters... are you prego? I love you and your sisters and each of you are such an example of your mom! I miss her as she was my favorite aunt! I always tell everyone what an amazing woman she was.