Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Child Sized Masterpieces Level 3

I love "Child Sized Masterpieces" (it can be found at Montessori Sevices). We have many level 1 and level 2 folders. In level 1 children match the exact same painting. In level 2 children match paintings by the same artist. I have used these two levels for about seven years. One time I even bought enough religious art postcards to make about four folders, and I have taken these to Sacrament meeting and when I have taught nursery and sunbeams. The children love to look at the cards and match them. I have had the materials to build more levels for over a year now. One night during Christmas break I woke up at about four and couldn't go back to sleep-I am beginning to enjoy those nights, as strange as that may seem. So I got up and pulled out all of the folders and built a couple sets for levels three, four and five. I was all done by the time my husband came home from the gym at 6:30.

Last week I introduced level 3 to my children. I first showed Logan, 4, and Brennen, 6. They found this level to be a bit hard. In this level the folders have about six artist with four paintings by each artist that need to be matched. Some of the subjects are similar, but the style is slightly different. Other paintings have similar styles, but the subjects are different. I helped the boys work through this level. Later I introduced it to my older two children and the younger boys helped. It was quite a bit easier for them, as they have studied several of the artists already in our Charlotte Mason type artist studies, and they were familiar with their work.

When I saw it all laid out on the table, I decided we all might get more out of it if it was left like that for a couple months. We had a world map under a plastic sheet for about three years; we all learned so much geography. I decided to try the same thing with the artwork, and I'm pretty sure we will learn a ton. I plan to play some guessing games with the titles of the works, comparisons, I spy etc. It will give us great topics for dinner conversations. This is two sets of the cards under the plastic.

A good description of the program can be found here http://harmonyartmom.blogspot.com/2007/10/child-size-masterpieces-how-to-use.html. However, I disagree that you don't need the book. I have found it valuable.

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Sarah Tayler said...

I think I have seen plastic like that for sale at Jo-Anns Fabrics before. Where do you get the plastic and how do you attach it to your table? Do you kids puncture the plastic with their forks? My poor table has fork marks all over it. So sad...
Thanks! Sarah - LDS homeschool mom of 6