Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waiting for Baby (knitting?)

What does one do when waiting, and waiting for a baby,
who wants to stay right where she is?

She takes two hours and coupons to Joann's and sits gracefully on the floor in front of the knitting and crochet books, devouring patterns and ideas. Because she is dreaming of wearing normal clothes again, she falls in love with this book... "French Girl knits" by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. The patterns are exquisite.

There is one particular catch. She can't knit. Frantically, she looks for a "French Girl crochets." No such luck. Aah, she thinks, she will just learn to knit. After all learning to crochet from a book worked. Let's see... got it, this book will work- "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting!" from Leisure Arts.

Two evenings are spent trying to figure out how to cast on, and the garter stitch. All signs point to total confusion. This is how far she has gotten...

You know all of those people who said knitting was easier and more relaxing than crochetting? They lied.


Jana said...

I tried to learn from books to no avail. Try or search around youtube for vids. There are TONS and lots of different methods/teaching styles -- surely one you'll connect with! I also have The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting (2004), which is FABULOUS, if you're looking for something more "professional" and longer than a youtube clip.

Another suggestion: if you're trying English style and getting confused, give continental a try. And vice versa! I tried English first, and could NOT get it down. When I switched to continental, it was pretty quick for me from there. (Also, I'm biased, but I find continental results in less wrist fatigue and you can simply knit much faster.)

Good luck, and don't give up! I knit and crochet, and I think it knowing both really expands the possibilities for crafting. Hope your delivery goes wonderfully -- I know how you feel, I'm due myself on the 24th.

Froggy Robin said...

Try everything using thicker needles and yarn to start, much easier to see what's going on than the baby stuff. See if your library has a "
knitting for Dummies" book or look for "I can't believe I'm knitting". a kit from either Michael's or Joanne's. When you are casting on, the best for me is the knitting on method, you knit a stich but don't slip the stich off, it goes to the needle on the right. I have found crocheting horribly hard, not relaxing at all but knitting, for me, is great. It is easier to rip out crochetting. Good luck, I know my friends on-line.