Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just reading your post and wondering where you were able to find all of your tapes. Thanks"

I have over 100 sets of CD’s and tapes. I am a pretty big believer in their value. My older two children ages 9 and 11 pick the Your Story Hour CD’s most often these are usually historical stories from
a Christian perspective. They can be found here

We also have almost everything by Jim Weiss and love them all. Some of these are more appropriate for younger children and some older. His site is here .

He has also done the Story of the World, however this is not one my children pick by themselves, but they don’t mind listening to it if I put it on. It can be found at Rainbow Resource among other places.

My older children also love Jonathan Park, not me so much though. This is a creation science series and can be found here

We also have the Vision Forum History of the World, but I feel like it is more fluff and argument than history content, and was disappointed in it. We do have the movie making and entrepreneurs packs from them that my kids will probably listen to when they are older.

I also pull a lot of our content from Ambleside Online and this company has done several of the audio books recommended by them. My kids don’t typically grab these, except for the “Tales From Shakespeare,” because they love everything Shakespeare. I really appreciated the “Our Island Story” series.

I like the History Audio series by Diana Waring, but my kids think she talks too fast and won’t listen to her-maybe when they are older.

We’ve gotten some great literature on tape here We have the autobiography of Santa Claus, which my kids absolutely love and listen to year round, even though it is very long and follows Santa all through history as he meets historical people, such as Genghis Kahn and Da Vinci. I also loved “The Windboy,” and got along great with “The House Above the Trees.”

My younger children love Winnie the Pooh and AA Milne poems, and Alice in Wonderland. These can be found on Amazon.

I also like the kids to have a pretty good background in the original fairy tales and liked this one

I am LDS and my children and I find Scriptures Scouts and the All-Abouts indispensible, these can be found here

We also have all of the audio books from the distribution center-love the scriptures stories for kids.

Hide em in Your Heart is a series of scripture verse with explanations set to music. I got mine from

Beethoven’s Wig series is indispensible, and is at Amazon

The Classical Composers (Meet the Masters) life stories mixed with their music is also wonderful, but out of print, though it can still be found here .

For myself, I love The Teaching Company series, love, love , love these.

That should give you a starting place=).

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