Friday, April 30, 2010

A Definite Ramble

My children and I have attended multiple Spring plays for my students. “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Cinderella-Musical,” and “Beauty and the Beast-Musical.” So in my records for all of these fabulous drama students I get to write about blocking, voice projection and improvisation. Hmm, improvisation-now that is totally a skill I use as a Mom. My little boy was rather, snotty, poopie and tooth pastie last night, which warranted a full on scrub down in the bath. This of course made him howl. I had to pull out my improvisation hat and since I had just been singing about not wanting to dig through the laundry mountain to find the above mentioned boy something to wear I was sure a musical diversion was in order. And out came a musical story, complete with actions, of me cutting down a tree only to sadden a squirrel who had lived there and then a poor mouse who moved into my house and shared cheese with me. It was a fabulous performance let me tell you, or at least it would have been if I knew how to sing, but anyway it did the job and cheered the poor bath afflicted boy right up. Yes, yes we must teach our daughters to properly care for their future homes, clean, cook, love them babies (you all should have seen my son trying to calm Amelia down while I made lunch, poor little man his eyes glazed into that somebody-come-rescue-me look) and how to improvise musical scores on the spot to divert their poor sad little ones.

On another note Aubrey gave us a musical performance for our extended family home evening last Sunday. She has memorized two songs from “Wicked,” and sang them beautifully. I was quite pleased with pleasure at listening to her. Why, I do believe she can actually sing. Who would have ever thought I would have musical offspring, of course none of it comes from me. Kamron was explaining majors and minors to me yesterday and then singing “I’m Going for a Ride In the Car,” in two different ways so that I would get it. Poor child, he actually thinks I understand what he’s talking about. He even still asks me for help with his piano homework-I’m afraid all I can do is stare blankly at him and offer to look it up on the internet.

On another other note I only had five kids with me two days ago (once that was a lot, but I’ve got big kids now so it’s a snap), so I decided to go grocery shopping. We drive through town and pull into a spot. Sethie (3) says, in his animated way, “Mom, you’re alive!” pause, “Good driving.”

Well, the laundry mountain is still there and I just found out I have a stack of paperwork to fill out, so Kamron can go camping at the air force base with his scout troop. Oh, and I have a notice sitting in my work email (4 learning records-late, ccd to my advisor), umm, I’m working on that. Double date tonight for date night with Kevin’s folks, town parade tomorrow, escrow loan papers to do (did I mention we’re in escrow?). Really, I am going to get my work done, at some point… or we could all just continue to dig for things to wear—who needs dressers after all?

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