Saturday, May 08, 2010

Extracurricular Activities?

"How do you manage the extracurricular activities?"

We have a hard time deciding this sometimes. We schedule classes and events
based on how much they will impact us, and how interested the children are in it
and whether it fulfills a need. I also limit classes for kids under eight. My
son is in piano and scouts, my daughter is in dance and activity days. All of
these are 4 p.m. and later, but allow us to eat together at 6. They are all
within 10 minutes from my house, and my daughter is picked up and dropped off
for activity days. My daughter would like to do gymnastics, but the classes are
a 20 minute drive, so the answer is no for now. We are moving to the other side
of town in a month, and then she will probably pick up gymnastics and drop
dance. The rec classes are also on the other side of town 5 minutes from our new
house, so we may add in a month long class here and there. My son will continue
piano after he takes two months off for summer-he is making so much progress
with the teacher I am willing to drive across town. He will switch scouts to the
one that is closer to us when we move. We also do a family park meet-up day from
3-5 on Fridays (the Tuesday morning park day for homeschoolers was nixed,
because it is too disruptive to morning academics). We have a gym membership,
which has a pool, kids classes (art, basketball, toddler tumble etc.), and a
rock climbing wall etc. All the children go to this whenever the mood strikes
and time allows. For field trips-we only average about once a month. So
basically an activity needs to

-have minimal driving
-be for 8 yr. olds and older, unless it is a very short run
-be in the late afternoon to evening, to allow time for academics and my work
schedule, but mustn't disrupt dinner time
-I usually need to be able to drop off and come back for most activities, so I
can get other things done (I do tend to come the last two to fifteen minutes of
classes to watch the kids, ask what they've learned or exchange any other info)
-we do allow a very occasional exception, such as a morning play, drawing class,
but never for more than a month

Next year we will be adding ceramics and Spanish classes, but both instructors
will be coming to our house, so impact will be little.

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