Monday, May 02, 2011

Being Busy

Melissa means honey bee, did you know that? Honey bees are busy workers in a state of constant activity. I have been well named. I have been in a state of constant activity since I went back to school five years ago, telling myself when I was done it would slow down. Then I got a job. After I learned the ropes I'm sure it will be less busy. Then I got a house. When the house is finally organized I will be less busy, I said. So I took the spring break week off and didn't do work-work, mostly. I organized my house. It is almost there, really it is. So when school is out for the year and I have the final report cards in I will be less, no, no!
I want to live the life I've always wanted right now, starting today, not in three weeks. So today I was not too busy to make and have milk and cookies with my kids. I was not too busy to have family home evening and sing all four verses to the hymn my four-year-old chose. I was not too busy to begin a 1000 piece puzzle with my son. And I was not too busy to read "Anne of Green Gables," to six children and listen to their delighted cries as they met Anne and listened to her talk most of the eight miles to her new home. I was not too busy and it felt great-and I still have an hour and a half until midnight to get my work reports done=).


Ginger said...

I think being busy makes us miss out on so much. Good for you that you can see this while your children are still home.

Shi said...

Wonderful! :)