Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Blessings of Our Physical Bodies

Before my mother died she had a vision where she saw what Heaven was like. She saw that there was much work to be done in teaching the gospel to those who had not had the chance to have it while they lived on the earth. My mother has an outgoing spirit and was always excited to do God's work, so I know she is busy in Heaven serving. But I can't help but think of all of the physical service she gave on earth. She could make almost anything, she sewed many of our clothes and presents. She knitted, crochetted, painted, drew, worked with cross stitch, plastic canvas and many other things. I'm not sure a day ever went by when she did not work on something with her hands. As busy and happy as she is now I bet she misses her body. It was not perfect, she was often sick, she was overweight and in the end it took her from us. But I bet she misses all of things she could do with those hands, all of the skills they had learned in her fifty years. She always took such good care of them, putting lotion on them in the evenings, sharing dolops of it with her children. Those fingers that had almost no fingerprints-when she was getting certified for foster parenting they couldn't get any prints from her fingers for a long time and through several visits. I bet she misses them.

People complain about their bodies wanting to be thinner, have a shorter nose, be taller or whatever. They are constantly comparing themselves to others, never catching a glimpse of what a miracle our bodies are. Think of how hard it was to learn to type, play the piano or crochet at first, but as your fingers built memories of what to do it got easier and easier. They don't usually work perfectly, but they allow us to do so many things. God knew we needed them to have all of the experiences He wanted for us, and what a blessing they are! Who was it that said, "if there was nothing else my thumb would convince me that there is a God"?

I will miss my body when I no longer have it, that is why I will try to appreciate it today and everyday. I thank God for the plan of Salvation and that we will someday be reunited with our perfect bodies, not to be separated ever again. I truly appreciate all of the hand skills which I am able to develop and I thank God for the hands which I have been blessed with.

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