Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Best Educational Tip-Tapes

When my oldest son was 2 I started putting on scripture story tapes at nap and bedtime. By the time he was 3 he could recite many of the stories word for word. We later added "Scripture Scouts" and "The All About's"-all are must have CD's for the LDS family, I can not tell you how many gospel principles my children have learned from these. The kids also listen to much of their school books on CD.

Aubrey,5, has "Just So Stories," "Winnie the Pooh," "Pooh Corner," AA Milne Poems all read by Charles Karault (Kamron once whispered to me, "Mom I realy like Winnie the Pooh, but don't tell my cousins." You will also find that these are quite suitable for children up to about 8, if they haven't been raised on TV. I also enjoy them.) She also enjoys the "Standin' Tall" series by Janeen Brady (I picked the whole thing up at a library sale for $2!) We also have a CD set called "50 Famous Fairy Tales," these are the real fairy tales and not watered down versions. Also the Tales of Peter Cottontail have inspired forts to be built in the 'dear old briar patch.' The Uncle Wiggily stories have a comfortable predicatable patterns that help the children learn basic story telling with beginning, middle, end,- introduction, problem, resolution.

Kamron who is 7, has not been raised on much TV, so his attention span tends to be longer than most kids his age. He loves "The Story of The World," series which is actually a history text on CD, but he just devours it. He also loves almost everything read by Jim Weiss. How many 7 year olds climb into bed excitedly with, "Oh good, I love Shakespeare." We also have everything for AO year 2 that Alcazar Audio offers, http://www.alcazaraudioworks.com/schooling.html. He also listens to "Pilgrim's Progress."

The best thing about tapes and CD's is that they are a very valuable source of education that does not take my time. Gospel understanding has been increased, history has been learned, musical instruments can now easily be identified by sound, spanish songs have been learned, imagination has been sparked, great literature has been made apart of our lives and vocabulary has been increased by the audio gold mind. I can't recommend making tape time a part of your children's routine highly enough.

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