Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aubrey's Baptism

Aubrey was ready and very eager to be baptized last Saturday. She couldn't wait to be washed clean and to officially be a member of the church. She very eagerly and from her heart made a commitment to follow God. My older kids have both taken this step very seriously, which I am grateful for. She was very happy to have her daddy baptize and confirm her, as was I. It is one of those moments that make this Mom so happy to be a mother to these wonderful children. Aubrey got her scriptures afterward and was very excited about this. We have a kind of tradition in our family that the children get their first set of scriptures and case at their baptism and then they are invited to take turns with us reading scriptures at night. She took this right of passage very seriously and proudly reads to the family from her scriptures each night. She often stops to ask a question or to give an impromptu narration of what is going on. I encourage this as the conversation is a pearl in itself.

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