Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do Homeschoolers Need a Credential?

I was asked if homeschoolers should be required to get a teaching credential, and replied as follows. No, they should be able to teach their children without a teaching credential. Look at the theory behind homeschooling, which is that one can learn outside of an institution, does this learning outside of an institution stop just because you are an adult. No, adults are also capable of learning the information they need to do what they need to do outside of an institution, so it makes no sense to require them to earn an institutionalized degree if they can get the information they need better elsewhere.

I am currently getting my teaching credential and homeschooling. I can honestly say that I will never use the two classes on English language learners, the class on classroom management, nor the student teaching of a classroom for three months, among other classes, in my homeschool. I did find the Learning and the Brain class interesting, but I also find I already know way more than all of the other students and most of the teachers about learning theory, how to teach multiple ages, and multiple subjects at the same time. I also am much more aware of different curriculum options and how they would work with different types of students, because of my own research. All in all my own research prepared me a whole lot more to homeschool than the teaching credential I am working on-it is almost pointless in a homeschooling environment.

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