Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kamron Will Be Missed

Next Sunday is our last Sunday in our ward. I've been told I will be missed, but for each time someone has said that about me, I have heard ten comments about my children being missed. I have had several people admit to picking a spot to sit in Sunday School based on where my husband is sitting with Baby Seth. They all want to be in the row just behind, so that they can watch his smile light up his face and his eyes brighten at the slightest provocation.

Then there is my oldest. There is something about him that has developed over the last couple of years that I did not quite expect. He is quite innocent in many ways, and sometimes that will make other children be inclined to shun someone. For instance, he will create songs that go with his lessons at church and sing them for his class. I admit I was a little nervous as to how the other children would react as they can often be cruel when a nine year old does something that is percieved to be uncool, and his class has boys from nine to elevan. But this didn't happened, because there is something about Kamron that made whatever he did the cool thing to do. For one, he is so confident in himself and he feels so assured that everyone does and will like him. He has told me, "I don't know why everyone likes me, but they do. I am almost everyone's favorite." Hmmm. Yet, this has made him pretty forgiving of others also, as, if they are rude to him, he is sure they are just having an off day, or perhaps they just don't know how to be friendly. He, also, loves Sunday school, scouts and to sing and learns all of the new primary songs after going through them a very few times, this and the fact that he knows the scripture stories and can participate well in the lessons has made him loved by all of the adults.

Also, there is one thing that quite suprised me over the last six months or so. His class of six to twelve boys was often the most irreverent and hard to contain, then a few months ago their behavior underwent a marked improvement. They all began singing and really trying to learn the songs, participating in the lessons and staying on their chairs. We were all quite baffled as to the cause as neither we, in the Primary Presidency nor their teacher was doing anything different. Then after church one day one of the boys came up to me with a huge grin and said, "I got the pipecleaners today! It's going to be a dragon." I looked at him and said, "Oh, really," not having any idea what he was talking about. I asked Kamron, and he told me that he was trying to get the boys to listen better and behave at church, so he gives them points and whoever gets the most points gets a pipecleaner guy. I taught him last year to make little men out of pipecleaners and since then he has become quite ingeneuos at it, making crowns, dragons, soldiers, full costumes and hundreds of other things. I have even used some of his pipecleaner creations as props for my lessons at church. I didn't know before this that they had become the much sought after reward that was keeping all of the boys in line. Later, I suggested that we do an activity and teach all of the boys how to do pipecleaner sculptures. He looked at me and said, "Mom if all the boys can make them then they won't need to earn them from me." Ahh, point well taken, and I can smile as he stumbles across attributes of friendship, leadership and economics.

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