Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update and A.J.

We are settling in again at my sister-in-laws house. I have been so blessed with such a giving family. My sister-in-law is one of those people that loves people around and most of her kids have taken on this trait. Kamron and Brennen are sharing a room with their cousin Justin. They are thrilled about it and are absolutely inseperable-to the point that Kamron has even gone to Justin's soccer games, piano lessons and scouts. They are also very pragmatic and Kamron told me the other day "we just agreed that we would be perfectly equal and agree on everything." And amazingly they do. Kamron has always been easy going and Justin is slightly mature in his understanding of relationships so it has worked really well. They are both doing their homework on my bed right now. They are both in 5th grade but working through different math programs so sometimes one will know something before the other and they will teach each other. Justin goes to public school and is gone most of the day, but since Kamron starts math at 7 a.m. he gets to help him before he goes every day.
My daughter Aubrey Jewel is not fairing quite as well with her cousin who is two years younger. They love each other and play a lot together, but they also both have daily emotional roller coasters going on. Girls. We went to the new ward at church the last two Sundays, and then I took Aubrey to Achievement Days. When I picked her up one of the girls asked me who I was and I said I was Aubrey's mom. She goes we don't have an Aubrey here. When we left all of the little girls go, "Good-bye A.J." Then I get stopped in the hall and am asked when is A.J.'s birthday for the records. A.J.? Yes, my daughter has introduced herself as A.J. to the entire ward. Yesterday, she also informed us that her name will now be A.J. even to the family and she will no longer respond to Aubrey. We are trying to accomodate her wishes, mostly because it is so amusing. At least she is not introducing herself as Kim, which is what she used to tell strangers at the park.


AHebdon said...

You always have the best stories! Your kids are so funny. At the same time "A.J." reminds me of Madelyn even though she is only two. She is so independent in everything she does. I love reading all your fun stories!!

Clayton Guy said...

I think it's funny that kids will just make decisions all on there own. Has A.J. stuck, or is she back to Aubrey now?

Melissa said...

Oh, she is still very adamant that she will be called A.J., but it is really, really hard for me to remember, because I typically call her Aub or Aubreyella. I