Monday, November 24, 2008

What I am Thankful for

So I thought I would start a list of the things that happen that I am in thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. Here is my list from yesterday and today:

The silliness that comes when we have stayed up too late
A little niece that sneaks into our room before bed and cries when she has to leave "Aunt Sissa"
A princess who prays with me and then wants hugs
Kind friends who take my children on wonderful, worthy adventures
That wonderful age when you have no idea what the next statement your child is going to make, “Well, I need a security belt too, then I will stick my head in the ice chest.”
Having to flex my creativity muscles so that I am able to reply to such statements
A mother-in-law who comes over “for just a few minutes,” and then leaves hours later with several kids in her car
Vacation days, when I hunker down and read …a novel
The accomplishment when my son plays the piano and the toddler walks in and says, “that song is from rocket when he was flying allegro” rocket is Little Einstein’s for those who are currently not hanging out with the toddler set
Fairies, and the little girls who love them
Books on tapes
Kids who love books on tape
Pretty music
The less than pretty music my children make…
The feeling that you know something is going right when your kindergartener jumps up and down, because Mom promises him and his cousin a piano lesson this very afternoon
Family who is welcoming and willing to sacrifice just to help
Cozy quilts on cold nights
Library internet connections
Buying Christmas presents for children and the anticipation of when they will open them
Knowing what I am going to get my husband… I think
All-inclusive science kits and a daughter who loves them
Family game night
Chocolate chips in my morning oatmeal
That my children are all safe and well
That my baby, and toddler cry when I leave and they all run and hug me and then cling for at least two minutes after I get back
That yoga doesn’t stop with the gentle level
That the gym provides daycare
A really neat old gnarly oak tree at the park
Baby kisses
Irish pennywhistles
That I don't have to look very far for examples of awesome people that I want to be like
That I currently do not have a dog
The creative choices my son uses when he selects words in essays and that he is progressing rapidly in the writing department
That craigslist had a toddler bed that included Thomas Bedding on the day I was looking for both—and noone had snagged it first
That the principal from the Montessori school finally said I could come observe in her school
That bears have very long tongues and I got to watch a delighted five-year-old discover this
That people are ticklish
The knowledge that God is in charge and all will work out in wonderful ways in the


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