Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things About Me

I've been tagged and asked to write 25 things about myself.

1. I am working on getting certified to substitute teach this week.
2. My son is taking voice lessons, partially because he is musical and partially so that I can sit in on the lessons and try to learn how to sing-something about directing the voice to the center of the face, which is called the mask and is a natural microphone,--and there is something about quacking like a duck.
3. My cat ate ALL of my neighbor’s fish this last week.
4. I lost a baby in December.
5. I am 29 and already going gray, even my father-in-law began plucking out my gray hairs the other day, sigh.
6. Last Saturday I sat downtown trying to study while waiting for my daughter in her acting class, but instead I began creating a list of what I could possibly do for the homeless people-anyone have extra flannel or batting?
7. I’ve only dyed my hair once, but I may do it again-see #5.
8. I had to have a no boyfriend conversation with my daughter last week, as she cried and proclaimed her devotion to a rather chivalrous young (young) man. I even drew diagrams of how the relationships progress when one is boyfriends and when one is friends for a long time and then grow into other relationships if it is right, like after 18. My daughter understood a little, but bewailed the length of time that would be-she is 8.
9. I am currently living in a very cozy garage in my sister-in-laws house. It is heated and carpeted though, so it’s actually pretty nice.
10. My five children are living in the house and sharing rooms with their cousins.
11. I am 5 months away from my teaching credential, but am not intending to teach full time in a classroom.
12. I was surprised to realize that I actually really enjoy teaching in a classroom during my practicums.
13. I have to figure out how to get a large stain out of my daughter’s pants, because the above mentioned chivalrous young (young) man dropped her when attempting to carry her over a puddle.
14. I get to start teaching the wolf scouts, 8-year-old boys, next week.
15. My husband’s job ends next week with the factory closing, anyone need a computer desk top support person?
16. I am a regular at yoga class.
17. My husband loves me a great deal and I take great joy in being able to help him when he is stressed, yet I haven’t found the magic spot to kiss and make-it-all-better.
18. My son is practicing the piano, again, in preparation for a special musical number he is playing in Sacrament meeting next month. I never thought I would actually ask him to stop playing for awhile. I need to switch him over to the keyboard, and find headphones=).
19. My youngest son cries if you change his diaper, and continues crying from five minutes to one hour after it has been changed-he is my least consolable child.
20. We own four laptops, and we use them all.
21. My oldest son has decided to use a headphone microphone so that he will not ever have to repeat himself, and he has been at it all morning. By the way he narrates his life, “so if I sit at this desk and…”
22. My fourth child has decided he has now gotten big enough for school and requests work and “projects” and then sits down and studiously does them-or not.
23. I find a great deal of satisfaction in creating things and have become a halfway decent crochet artist.
24. I tend to read about six books at one time, all nonfiction, and I read whenever I get a spare minute, which means I have been on the same six books for about a year.
25. I occasionally get very homesick for the country and have been known to drive for three hours just to see fields and real farms. I have also been known to sign up two of my children for pony riding lesson just so that I have an excuse to visit a ranch once a week-they start next Tuesday, yeah!

If you are reading this post, consider yourself tagged. Write 25 things about yourself on your blog and leave a comment on mine with a link.


Kristen said...

Hey Melissa, you got me at the end. I'm not sure when I'll get to write my list but I'll let you know when I do. I wish I could see Kamron play in Sacrament, that will be so precious!

Katherine said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm REALLY going gray! And too cheap to do anything about it.