Friday, January 16, 2009

Cottage Industries and New Law

Just an update for those trying to save their cottage industry businesses. A class action lawsuit is being filed by those who work from home making products for children. The link to this is here

This issue is hugely important and should not be ignored. By denying family businesses the right to make and sell goods we are shifting the central principles of our society even further from the family and to the individual who works for a large corporation. If we want to keep the family as the central unit of society we have to fight for it.

Within the lecture on the depth phase of education at this site is a really great discussion of the principle ideas and shifts in them and the current shift that we are in, family vs. individual working for the corporation. I encourage everyone, homeschoolers and others alike to listen to this lecture and be aware of what they are educating their children and themselves for. Is it so they can grow up and get a job or do they have a real purpose in being here, a noble purpose, a God-given purpose?

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