Friday, January 09, 2009

Personality Type

My sister just did a blog entry on personality. I replied to her and thought I would also put it here. If you are familiar with the color code at all-I am a red, with some blue and white and absolutely no yellow. What that means is that I am drawn to and motivated by accomplishment, relationships, peace but not at all fun. Pretty sad, huh? When I first got married and Kevin wanted to do something spontaneous it would drive me up the wall, but I am learning to adapt and I think I have probably gained a little yellow, but not enough to outway the planner, thinker, leader part of me. I consider a day well spent when I have checked almost everything off my list. The only way I can consider an amusement outing well spent is if I learned something, my kids learned something or I got something done on the ride over there. This is why, don't tell my husband, but I hate going to the movies-what a waste of time and money (yet, he loves them and I love him, so we go monthly).

For me, an ideal date is some type of cultural experience where we can walk away with a new idea or perspective and then can talk about it and analyze it. We visited an art museum a little while ago and sat in on a lecture about art history and the use of mirrors to create the proper perspective in Jan van Eyck's paintings-you'll notice it in the chandelier of "The Wedding of Giovanni." They showed a slide of a guy who had taken a wharehouse and put up art prints by time period and then studied this perspective and the shine in metal in paintings-oh, it got my wheels turning. You will probably see a room in a future house with all of the paintings we are collecting in chronological order during the children's youth years. To me this was an awesome date. Notice, how fun doesn't really enter the picture for me. Oh, well, these types of experiences create memories too.

There may be hope for me, though, because I still actually enjoy roller coasters and I can't see a single red or white thing about them.

If you want to, go here, take the test and tell me what color are you?

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AHebdon said...

So I just took the free one and I was 40% White which was a surprise to me I thought I would see a lot more red than anything.