Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Are We Raising Puppies or People?

I stopped by a garage sale the other day and got looking at some children's items when they asked me if I had kids. Yes, I told them I had four. "You look too young to have four!" Then after asking me if they were boys or girls, the woman smiled and said, "the girl must have been the last one, right?" When I told her the girl was the second, she looked dumb founded. I could see that she honestly couldn't comprehend anyone wanting more children once they had had their boy and girl. She said she would never have another, one was enough.

I can't help, but be concerned at the view point expressed. People talk about having children almost as if they were contemplating acquiring a dog. "It would be so fun!" "They are so cute!" "Maybe we'll have two and then they can play together." And then the same people look at anyone with more than two in the same way they would if someone had a house full of puppies. "That is too much." "They will never get the attention they need." "It must smell." (Okay I've never got the last comment.)

I'm not raising puppies, nor did I have children because they are cute and fun. I am raising children who are gifts from God. I am raising them because that is a big part of my mission to this earth. I will go into why children are so important on another day.

Next time I am pregnant and surrounded by my little children on every side and then get one of those comments from the entrenched in the world type of person, I want to explain this way; If a person you knew managed a small retail chain of four stores and then added another store you would think he was very successful and doing well. It is the same with me, God is giving me a promotion.

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Wendy said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog. What a wonderful analogy and I laughed outloud at the It must smell. Then had to explain to all 7 of my children what I was laughing at.