Thursday, May 11, 2006

Daddy Got a Job!

My husband had been looking for work for a few months as the work he had been doing for his dad had slowed to the point that they couldn't both make a living. He had had many unsuccessful interviews and things were starting to get tight. I was blessed with the oppurtunity to do the contracts for a Real Estate transaction that helped a little, but that money was not going to last much longer. Anyway, Kevin got a call from a recruiter who set up a phone interview for a desktop support job for Johnson and Johnson. After the interview my husband told me about it and asked if we could say a family prayer that he would get it. You have to understand that my husband is not an active member of any church and doesn't know what he believes, but these glimpses of faith reassure me that Paul's council to the wives of non-christian men is not in vain. Anyway, I said a prayer and then my husband said a prayer and then my three older children said faith filled prayers that as my son put it "Daddy will get this job and work hard and do well at it so that it can further our family."

Usually after the phone interview there is a series of interviews as a company narrows down to who they think will best work out for the job. It was Thursday when he had the phone interview so we didn't expect a call to see if he was going to make it to the in person interview until the next week. But the next day they called and said, we want to offer you the job. Just like that, without ever even meeting in person. After my husband called me, I gathered my children around me to offer a prayer of thanks. I was so grateful that we had included our children on that prayer as all of our testimonies of prayer have been strengthened.

Later we had a salesman come into our house, he mentioned that this was a new job for him. And my daughter pipes up with, "My daddy just got a new job too. We just prayed about it and then he got it." I'm so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who gives us these experiences.

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