Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Birthday and a Smile for Mom

Today was my daughter's birthday. She has a Bitty Baby doll sold by the American Girl company, and so I got several things from their clearance section for the doll. She was completely not expecting it as she knows the things are rather expensive. Anyway she was adorable as she opened her presents with, "Ooooh, look. Ooooh, wow. Mom, I just don't believe it. Thank you."

Later as I was helping her fold all of the little clothes and put them in a straw suitcase for Bitty (okay, I admit I still love dolls), she kept saying that she couldn't believe she had these things from the catalog and then she takes a deep breath and says with her voice full of emotion, "Mom, I think you are almost as nice as, or maybe, even some more nice than ... Kamron." The highest level of compliment this sweet daughter could give was to put me on the same plane with her dear brother. I couldn't help but smile, and when I told my husband I couldn't help feel gratitude for that beautiful relationship.

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