Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baptism Interview for Kamron

Kamron had his baptism interview last night. Kevin was working overtime, so I took all of the kids with me. There was a funeral going on and noone was in the Bishop's office. I knew the Bishop was probably at the funeral so I sat the children on the bench to wait. That didn't last long. I put Kamron in charge of following Logan around and at one point Brennen disappeared for about five minutes which always makes me do that slight panic thing. Soon the secretary came and the children and I talked to him for awhile, but as I ran after one of the children for the umpteenth time, I certainly felt like I had not done a good job at teaching my children to sit still or even stay within a designated area. Finally the Bishop came and took Kamron in to talk to him. Brennen followed the secretary who my children all think is a treat to play with. So I held Logan and Aubrey and I had a chance to talk to another couple who were waiting their turn. When Kamron came out he saw the brother we were talking to and called him by name and said, "I remember you. You used to be my teacher for awhile." The brother replied, "Of course you remember me you are about the smartest kid I've ever taught in primary." That made me smile and then I was asked to come in to the Bishop. When I walked in I saw he had tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. He said, "Thank you so much. He is completely prepared. Thank you for teaching him." My eyes moistened and I thanked him as I shook his hand. I know Kamron has a testimony and has a special purpose on this earth. When I look at him I know that I am looking at someone who will be a partner to God in all the work He asks of him. I am grateful that he is my oldest son and I get to be his mother. Oh, he is not perfect-he argues, and does not always obey immediately-but he has a desire to do what is right and to go Home, and he is a very big help to me. I appreciate the kind comments about him, because it reaffirms to me the importance of what I am doing. I already feel I am doing right by creating a gospel centered home, education and life, but it is nice to sit back and look at the fruits sometimes-even if my kids do run in the church occasionally.

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