Thursday, August 17, 2006

Handwork Handout


The project chosen for your child should be something that he is capable of, but will stretch him. It should be something that takes several sessions to complete. We need to also emphasize the habit of best effort. It should be a real and useful project, not something that will be thrown away in a week, the children should not be emplyed in futilities such as Popsicle stick picture frames, or pipe cleaner butterflies. When we learn both mental and physical skills, it makes us more whole as people.

To instill a respect for hard work, and appreciation of beauty and work that has gone into a project.
To develop the habit of attention and exactness, order.
To develop the sense of touch.
Self-confidence and humility, not the bogus inflated self-esteem but the confidence that with patience and practice they are capable of learning a new skill.
Provides a mental break from the labor involved in the other studies
Fine motor skills
Develops the sense of creative
Gives the children real skills that will be good for later life, can develop into greater self-reliance, independence and even job skills.
Provides something useful for the children to do while they are listening to you read aloud. Allows them to have skills to make other family members presents

Sewing puppets, stuffed animals, teaching different stitches on cards, latch hooking, braiding, weaving, origami, cooking, gardening, beading bracelets, polymer clay, woodworking, making quilts and pillows on a sewing machine for toys, cutwork with scissors-paperdolls, plastic canvas, knots, paper making, Mosaics, stamping, spool knitting, knitting, carving soap or wood, clay sculpting, appliqué, wire sculpting, mending, sewing on buttons, tin punch work, floral arranging, pressing flowers to frame, bread dough roses, origami dipped in melted wax to make tree ornaments, make miniature or dollhouse furniture (bonus points if they are historically accurate), doll making-sock doll, making doll clothes, napkin folding, making handkerchief dolls, making centerpieces, yard sculptures, greeting cards, stationary, electricity kit, PVC pipe plumbing, woodburning, leathercrafting, macramé, making simple candles, paper embossing, photography, scrapbooking, hairstyles, digging and planting, painting walls and fences and other items, clip making, sewing scrunchies, picture framing, spinning fibers, decopauge, painting ceramics

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