Thursday, August 17, 2006

Emotional Stories

I was reading from Charles Kingsleys Heroes to Kamron today. This is a book about early myths. Brennen was sitting next to us trying very hard to make bionicle pieces do what he wanted. I got to the part of the story where the father puts his daughter and her newborn baby in a chest and throws it out in the ocean (this apparently happens a lot in early stories). Suddenly Brennen burst into tears, "No he doesn't! The baby doesn't die!" Oh, how I had to hug him and assure him that the mother was there and would take the baby to land and they would be okay. He was fine then, but I was just amazed that he had actually caught anything from the book. I have been feeling guilty that I don't read as many picture books to the younger two as I did the older two, but apparently he is getting something out of the literature we read. I just need to try to make sure he hears fun and happy thoughts next time.

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