Thursday, July 13, 2006

Marine World Trip

Two of my brothers came in from Utah a week and a half a go. The oldest with his wife and four children and the youngest with his wife. We all got together and went to Marine World, which not only had fun rides, but it was a good learning experience too. For the first hour and a half Kevin and I and some of my siblings and a few other relatives went on the roller coasters while the other adults watched all the kids. Then we took our kids on the childrens rides and to see some of the animal shows.

Brennen was very nervous with the butterflies. We went out to eat afterward with most of the family and Aubrey got sick in the restaurant--that was not fun. =). All the rest of us were sick shortly thereafter with some kind of 12 hour flu. But other than that the day was really fun. I do still enjoy roller coasters and must admit that that was my favorite part-how uneducational.

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